Wednesday, March 19, 2014


For fun, I thought I'd have a look at my dear old blog. I knew it had been a while since I posted anything but I didn't realize (remember?) that my last post on DECEMBER 31ST was only a couple of lines explaining how I would be here as much as possible, blogging away every little thought that popped into my head.

Ummm. Apparently, I've had no thoughts since 2013.  Maybe that's what I should call this blog..."Thoughtless Since 2013".

Actually, truth is, I don't think it's thoughts I'm lacking so far this year; it's time.  Time to blog! It's been a busy one so far. 

First of all, I haven't actually NOT been blogging. I have been blogging over here fairly regularly. My very good friend Susan and I have signed up as demonstrators with Stampin' Up! and are now spending alot of our free time getting our little enterprise off the ground. It's a time sucker for sure, but we are having SO much fun.

Other things I've been spending time and effort on is brainstorming with some of my teammates on fundraising ideas for our 60 km Weekend to End Women's Cancers Walk that takes place in September.  I've suffered a little set-back in my training. Not the least of which is I live in Toronto and we are having one HELL of a winter. Ice storms, more snow than I've seen here in a number of years and it has been brutally cold since before Christmas. So that doesn't exactly  motivate me to get out and enjoy the great outdoors plus, I've been suffering with and treating with physio, a fairly stubborn and significant case of Plantar Fasciiatis. I'm positive that the amount of weight I've gained (due in part to my lack of walking because of the PF) is at the root of any and all of my ailments. I'm working on that.

Adding insult to injury, I spent an entire week in jury duty selection last week. I could go into detail but frankly, I'm sick of telling the story. Suffice it to say that I did NOT realize that this was a minimum 1-week commitment and also, it's very, very boring.

And finally. I have a 16-year old daughter.  Enough said.

That's my Q-1 Report for 2014.  I have been reading like a fiend and will try to post a few reviews here soon. If you are a Goodreads member (and if you like to read, you should be), you can find me here, if you're interested.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

There's nothing like a New Year to make you want to blog...right?  LOL!  I plan to be back here, blogging as much as possible for 2014.

In the meantime, a safe and happy new year to all!  Keep your loved ones close and have some fun!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Walk, Walk, Walk

I cancelled my monthly transit pass. I did that for three reasons. 1) sometimes it's actually faster for me to walk home that stand and wait. And wait. And wait for a streetcar to show up.  2) if I actually DO squeeze my butt onto a streetcar and make it home in under an hour, most times there are no seats and I stand for duration of the ride. I would rather walk. 3) I am hoping I will save money - $120 per month for a pass vs. about $3 per ride (hoping to only use public transit 3 or 4 times per week).

Look what I did!

I walked OVER 30 km last week and also? On September 30th I did a 1-hour aquafit class and on October 1st I did a 90 minute yoga class.

I will admit that I was EX-HAUSTED by the end of last week but I will keep it up.  Growing my savings account and shrinking my butt will keep me motivated. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

TGIF(Thank Goodness It's Fall)

As a follow up to my photo-heavy post from earlier, I'm going to post an even lengthier update to include August and September's activities. I'm having a little bit of problem with Blogger at the moment. Each time I upload a photo, I have to log-out and log back in again if I want to upload another one. So, I am starting this update on September 26th and hoping to be done by the end of the month. 

While I was still on holidays, Ben (22) after finishing 2 years of Comedy Writing and Performance at Humber College, found a full time job and an apartment and moved out on his own. It's a bit weird not having him around. Last time he was away from home, he was 18 and travelling for 6 months. He called EVERY day. Sometimes more than once. Now, if it weren't for texting, I think we might go weeks without touching base. I guess this is what is supposed to happen next but it's still weird.

My daughter Jessie (15) went to her first real concert.....without me. She and a girlfriend saw Macklemore (and honestly, if I had a choice of concerts for her to go to, Macklemore would probably be it....she has outstanding taste in music IMHO) at a new venue in Toronto; Echo Beach. Her girlfriend's mom drove them; I picked them up and the best part about the whole thing was that after seeing him live, she loves him now even more than she did before. $60 well spent, I'd say.

The following Monday, I had to go back to work.  That is a hard thing to do after two weeks but the two weeks off was SO great that I've decided that I won't take any less than two weeks in the summer again.

With about a month to go before my 60 km Walk to Fight Women's Cancers, I stepped up my training.  I did a short 5 km walk one night around High Park with one of my teammates and ...... some coyotes....
and we followed that up a few days later with a big 20 km walk on a pretty warm Saturday morning.
The scenery was very pretty

As a final fundraising event a couple of weeks before the walk, we had a huge garage sale / BBQ / Silent Auction. We had all worked really hard and received some AMAZING donations of baskets and gift certificates. We fired up the BBQ and sold hotdogs and pop and Kernals popcorn. We played some music and sold raffle was a great day and VERY successful. We raised over $1,100 that day alone and every cent went to The Weekend to End Women's Cancers.

Boob Cake baked by my very own mommy
Boob cake winner, one of my very best friends.

A couple of cheeky teammates
The White Blood Cells...we rock!
The following week, my niece came and hung out at my place for a few days. She and my daughter did a little shopping and a little movie watching and then we went to the Kelly Clarkson/Maroon 5 concert. We couldn't have been further away from the stage but it was a great show.

My daughter was really, not that interested.

My gorgeous niece however, really enjoyed herself.
My hubby and I did our annual evening at the CNE (the Ex) and then, all of a sudden, summer was over and it was September and my baby was starting 10th grade.

For the 3rd year in a row, my girlfriend Rose and I bought tickets to some movie premieres at TIFF. We ordered our tickets and waited to see what movies we would see and when we would see them.  Unfortunately, the 1st movie, Philomena, was playing on the 2nd day of The Walk so I couldn't make it. Rose was able to bring another friend and they really enjoyed it. I am anxious to see this movie now myself as it has come highly recommended.

My hubby and I saw Joe with Nicholas Cage and it was very violent and disturbing but good also. There is a young actor named Tye Sheridan who was also in the movie Mud with Matthew McConaughey and he is awesome; in both movies. Watch for him, I think he will be a big star.

The other two movies that I saw were The Face of Love with Annette Benning, my secrect boyfriend; Ed Harris and Robin Williams,
I was EXTREMELY disappointed that Ed Harris did
not show up for the premiere.
and Bright Days Ahead was a french film that I was REALLY looking forward  to but only found to be average. I think the fact that we were sitting about 4.5 km away from the screen in the balcony of a 5 story building, may have had something to do with it.

The Weekend to End Women's Cancers 60 km walk on September 7th and 8th was really quite an experience.The first day of the walk, it poured rain - all day - starting 5 minutes before we started walking and stopping about 15 minutes before we finished.  But we managed to keep our spirits up anyways.
Day 1 - just before it started to rain
A river of people
Only 17 km to go!
By the end of Day 1, our feet were pretty wet and sore so when we got to the Rogers Centre, we immeidatley stripped off our wet clothes and found our "home" for the evening.

This is what we saw when we walked into the dome.
The Rogers Centre had been transformed into a
tent city. Pretty cool
Here's our home!
The one thing that I DID learn? I am way to old to sleep on the ground. Yes, I've registered for next year and YES - I will be going to a hotel for the night!

Burton Cummings was our entertainment for the evening and I will say - I am now a fan! Who knew?  He was seriously, good. 

Burton Cummings
I was happy to see my brother-in-law come down
and spend the evening with my little sis.

After about 30 minutes of sleep that night, it was time to get up and do it all over again. At least the weather looked like it was going to cooperate.

and away we go....

Sometimes, you just need to be silly.

And then....we could see the end...see that tall, skinny
building way off in the distance...that was our "almost there"
moment. In reality, we were still about 5 km away but still - close
enought to see the end was a great feeling.
So we finished. In pain, limping, crying and moving pretty slowly, my sister and I crossed the finish line together and then I burst into tears. My hubby and my daughter missed my finish by about 2 minutes but I was so happy to see them.

I've had a couple of weeks to recover and think about what my team and I accomplished and it's pretty amazing. I feel very proud of all of us. We raised over $8,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital here in Toronto and made some amazing memories.  Looking forward to September 2014!

Since The Walk, I've been back to the Rogers' Centre to watch a Blue Jay game and it feels very different sitting inside watching a game with the roof open.

Last weekend I  spent Friday night and all day Saturday at a friend's house. We spent almost the entire time making Christmas cards!!  I know - a little early to think about Christmas but it was so great to get a jump on them.  I think I got about 15 cards made and we have plans to get together a few more times before the holidays!

And then....last Sunday, I attended my most favourite festival of  the year - The Word on the Street.  Nothing but books and authors as far as the eye can see. It's fantastic. If you've never been, you HAVE to go.

James Cunningham from Eat Street was my favourite!

This is Linwood Barclay. We (my book club) read his
book "A Tap On The Window" for our most recent
book club book. He was HILARIOUS! The book is a
mystery and I didn't expect him to be so entertaining.
That's it!  That was my summer. It was a good one.  It's the end of September now and I am happy to have a little down time and a chance to maybe do a little baking and cooking, some reading (I bought 5 books at The Word on the Street!!) and some television watching (just about to start season 3 of Breaking Bad!!). 

Tomorrow I am getting back to walking (I want to be much fitter for next year's walk) and I am going to do an aquafit class (yes - I AM that old) twice a week and hopefully get to a yoga class once or twice a week as well.

Go me!!

I will be back next week cuz I've decided to give Photo a Day another shot for the month of October (the best month of the year).

Thursday, September 26, 2013


 have to say, I am glad that September is almost over.  Actually, truth be told, I'm kinda glad that summer is over. I love the Fall, it's my favourite season, and this year it marks the end of what was a pretty busy summer. 

Not that I'm complaining. Busy is good

I actually had  a couple of days last week that I almost took myself to the doctor's office. I was feeling so tired that I thought something was actually wrong with me.  But I'm feeling better now.

July was awesome because, as hectic as it was, I was on holidays for half of it. So, even though I had a big Book Sale with the proceeds going to The Weekend to End Women's Cancers (which was a big success - raising over $100 for the cause)...

That was alot of books to schlep out to the sidewalk

...and I attended the 154th running of the Queen's Plate (and I even bought a hat to wear!!! - Me!! A Hat!!)...

...and did my best to try as many Summerlicious menus as I could...

One of 4...5? Summerlicious menus I got to try this summer.  Slurp.
...and then joined Weight Watchers and came up with what I think is a brilliant idea....

The jar on the left represents pounds to lose (I KNOW!) and the jar on
the right are pounds lost. Let's hope that when I post a picture in a
few months, the blue stones will be a little more balanced.
...and then had a HUGE garage sale with my sister (again with the proceeds going to TWTEWC)...

The ladies from my mom's retirement building baked and baked
and baked in the middle of an Ontario heat wave, producing
3 tables FULL of delicious baked goods.
..and then picked up my mom and drove up north to spend a couple of great days in Wasaga Beach...

One of my very favourite places.

...and then got some sort of nasty shingles/herpes type of disease on my lower lip and had to take antibiotics for a week....
I know, right? Gross (also, I've done a focal b/w on this photo...I'm
not actually grey in real life. And I was apparently, very sad.

and stayed home and sulked and hid my face and played with the cat...

....and then did a "little, 15 km practice walk" on Centre Island....

July didn't even feel like the busiest month of the summer.

August and September to follow...